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I'm an illustrator, graphic artist & character designer based in South East London. Available for freelance and contract work.

Crofton Park, London, SE4, England
+44 (0)77208 474 29

Character design – Flymageddon

Not the kind of flies you want on your wall!

Character design – Flymageddon

I was contracted as a character designer and concept artist on Indie game, Flymageddon coming to Steam in 2018. Check out this motley crew of scavengers!

Because Flymageddon is indie developer Rusty Tiger’s debut title, I wanted to design a cast of memorable characters that would resonate with players and really stand out from the crowd. There are 18 characters in total, each with unique abilities and classes.

My character design and concept art were a big success with Machinima readers and lead to the game being greenlit on Steam.

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All designs and characters are copyrite of Rusty Tiger Productions


Oliver Kemp


Character design, conceptual design, Flymageddon, video game design


January 1, 2017

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