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I'm an illustrator, graphic artist & character designer based in South East London. Available for freelance and contract work.

Crofton Park, London, SE4, England
+44 (0)77208 474 29

Summoning the cursed one

A terrible ember, once thought extinguished, smoulders again...

Summoning the cursed one

This dark fantasy piece is my first ever major artwork I’ve created that features not a single outline!

That’s awesome, but what’s the big deal? Anyone who knows my work will know that it always features bold comic line-work, a style that I love and am constantly experimenting with, so this really is a fairly huge departure for me. Over time, I realised that this kind of work has its own precise science. A completely different ball park than I was used to working in before, with no faithful lines to hide behind. Learning that science has become of huge interest to me.

Effectively, this work has been created in exactly the same way any other painting would be made; Working from base colours and shapes, gradually adding layers of detail, shading and texture until you have the finished product. I really hope you like it, it was incredibly fun to create, already looking forward to the next one!

This piece is HUGE, so please scroll down for a closer look at some of the finer details.

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Illustration, Macabre Technicolor


April 5, 2018