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I'm an illustrator, graphic artist & character designer based in South East London. Available for freelance and contract work.

Crofton Park, London, SE4, England
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Mr meseeks face from rick and morty

Mr Meseeks Adobe Character Animator experiment

I thought it was about time to get stuck into the wonderful Adobe Character Animator, which comes with Adobe After Effects. It really is an incredible package. Here is my first ever run featuring the ever-awesome Mr Meseeks from Rick & Morty!

Using Adobe Illustrator I hand drew and created a basic Mr Meseeks character, or puppet as they are called in Character Animator. The Puppet must be made in a very specific way, with each of the individual elements of the character in separate defined groups.

You can also create different variants of facial features such as the eyes and mouth, then assign each variant to a different facial expression.

When you’ve prepared your puppet correctly, you can import it into Character Animator and begin building your scene.

The software is absolutely fantastic, once you have assigned and mapped all the facial features, the system uses your web cam to automatically map your face, also using the mic to lip-synch speech and record voice overs. This is incredibly powerful tech and a game-changer for those creating animated digital content.

There’s some great online tutorials for those starting out with Character Animator, to learn how to create a puppet, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_smLXODTd6U

Enjoy everyone! More character animations coming soon!